Share Square is no longer operating.
Read the blog for details.

Share Square is a visual collaboration tool which allows you to organize and share information.


Designers like to work as visually as they think.

Share Square allows designers to gather, organize and structure their inspiration, analysis and ideas.


Teams appreciate the central location to store and communicate everything they do.

Share Square provides teams in IT, construction, marketing, events and business a central pinboard to store documents, drawings and tasks.


Managers value the ease by which they can oversee projects.

Share Square helps managers and consultants to support online meetings, keep up to date of what others have done and do project planning.

Share Square is simple and intuitive to use,
but can do a lot of things. Check out the video's below.

Zooming interface

This video shows Share Square's zooming interface. Folders and other items can be arranged hyrarchical. Annotating things is also easy.

Drag 'n' drop

This video shows how you can drag and drop files in Share Square. It also shows how files can be opened, edited and added back into the application. Save and open is only available on Windows.

Real-time collaboration

This video shows Aaron and Thatcher having a teleconference about an event they are organizing. It shows how Share Square is synchronized in real time.

Share Square is available online and as a native application.

It works on the Mac, PC and and inside your browser!

Share Square is a social tool. It makes collaboration in project teams more personal, faster and more efficient.

When your entire team works in a single room, all the time, productivity is much higher. Share Square cannot reproduce your studio. But we can provide you the same benefits. In the end it is all about understanding each other well.


Understanding each other starts in sharing what you know. By sharing your work, you and your coworkers can talk about it. Face to face.


By seeing exactly who has added which information to the pinboard you know who to ask. Seeing others having done work also motivates people and returns ‘team feel’ to distributed teams.


When communicating in real time, in person, on the phone, on skype, on IM, the ability to reference shared information makes a wealth of difference.